Lip Enhancement

Why a Lip Enhancement?

Lips can be made fuller and more youthful using infiltrations of dermal fillers. The fillers can be used in different amounts, depending on the desired result (in most cases a small increase in volume with improvement of the shape, without creating a false appearance of the lips). A selective enlargement of specific areas of the lips can also be used to correct imperfections and asymmetries.

How it is done

An injectable filler is infiltrated into the lips, to obtain the shape and size desired. The treatment is carried out at the clinic, with the application of local anaesthetic and using special flexible blunt cannulas instead of needles.Typically, a lip enhancement requires about 30 minutes.

Healing period

Immediately after the treatment you may notice mild swelling of the lips, that will last for about 24 hours. Occasionally small bruises may become visible, which disappear in a few days. Pain during and after the treatment is very low. Considering the risk of swelling and bruising, it is advisable to plan the treatment at least a week away from important social events.

Duration of the result

Dermal fillers gradually dissolve over time, and the treatment should be repeated periodically to maintain the desired result. The rate of absorption of varies from patient to patient, and in general it is possible to expect a duration of approximately 8-12 months.

Cost of lip enhancement

The cost of lip enhancement starts from 600 KYD. As all the cosmetic surgery procedures are highly personalized, please consider that these prices are guidelines only and may vary for each individual case.


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