Labial Reduction – Labiaplasty

Why a Labial Reduction?

The reduction of the labia minora (or inner labia, or small labia) of the vagina, a procedure also known by the names of labiaplasty and ninfectomy, can be performed for purely aesthetic reasons, or for functional problems (irritation, redness) related to  physical exercise, sporting activities (horseback riding, cycling). A labial reduction can also improve the discomfort that some women experience wearing tight clothes or lingerie, and, in fact, it is a fairly popular procedure with lingerie models.

How it is done

Labial reduction is a simple procedure, that can be performed under local anaesthesia, local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia, depending on the preferences of the patient. There is no need for an overnight stay at the hospital and the procedure can be planned as a day case.

Healing period

There is no dressing after the procedure, but a sanitary pad is generally needed for the first 24-48 hours. Pain is very moderate, the swelling can be uncomfortable for the first few days. Sutures are dissolvable. Sexual activity can be resumed after six weeks.

Duration of the result

The result of a labial reduction is long-lasting, with the exception of the normal changes related to age and/or pregnancies.

Cost of the labial reduction/labiaplasty

The cost of labial reduction starts from 4,000 KYD. As all the cosmetic surgery procedures are highly personalized, please consider that these prices are guidelines only and may vary for each individual case, depending on the exact procedure needed, the type of anesthesia and the length of the hospital stay.


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