Gynaecomastia Correction

Why the correction of gynaecomastia?

The correction of gynaecomastia is performed to reduce the size of the male breasts, when these appear to be too developed.

How it is done

The procedure can involve a simple liposuction of the breasts, when the main component of the enlarged breasts is fat, or it may require a so-called ‘open approach’ with the surgical removal of a block of breast tissue (if the glandular component is the biggest part of the enlarged breasts).  The skin incisions are small, 5mm cuts for the liposuction, or longer, periareolar ones when the open approach is needed or when it is necessary to remove some skin excess. The type of anaesthesia used depends on the type of procedure to be performed (local or local with sedation for liposuction, general anaesthesia for the open approach).

Healing period

After male breast reduction, some swelling is visible for at least 2-3 weeks, accompanied by bruising, which disappear gradually. A compressive elastic garment is required for 3-6 weeks. The final result is normally visible after at least 2-3 months. Pain is moderate and normal activities (excluding sports) can be resumed in 7-10 days.

Duration of the result

The result obtained with the correction of gynaecomastia is stable over long periods of time, unless significant changes in body weight occur.

Cost of gynaecomastia correction

The cost of the correction of gynaecomastia starts from 6,000 KYD. As all the cosmetic surgery procedures are highly personalized, please consider that these prices are guidelines only and may vary for each individual case, depending on the exact procedure needed, the type of anesthesia and the length of the hospital stay.


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