Why a Facelift?

The facelift is a procedure designed to rejuvenate the appearance of the face by removing excess skin, and reshaping and tightening the underlying facial muscles.

How it is done

There are several different types of skin incisions that can be used for a facelift, but the most common ones run around the ears and into the hair behind them. Through those incisions, the excess skin is lifted and stretched. The underlying muscles are re-shaped and tightened. Some types of face lifts (volumetric lift, subperiosteal facelift, malar lift, lifting combined with lipostructure) act mainly repositioning and / or integrating the subcutaneous tissues, getting their rejuvenating effect through changes in shape and volume of selected areas of the face rather than stretching the skin under tension.The face lift can be combined in a single operation with the blepharoplasty,. It can be done under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with sedation, generally with an overnight stay at the hospital.

Healing period

Moderately compressive dressing for 24 hours. Sutures are removed after 7-10 days. Swelling and bruising for 1-2 weeks. Makeup permitted after removal of the sutures. Smokers have slower healing and significantly increased risk of complications (most cosmetic surgeons do not do facelifts in smokers. Dr Adamo requires at least four smoke-free months before performing a facelift). For some types of particularly aggressive facelifts (e.g. composite lift) the swelling may last significantly longer (even 5-6 months).

Duration of the result

The result of a facelift is affected by aging and other factors like smoking or sun exposure. Normally the improvement obtained with the procedure will last between 5 and 10 years, depending on your lifestyle, skin complexion and general health.

Cost of facelift

The cost of a facelift starts from 10,000 KYD. As all the cosmetic surgery procedures are highly personalized, please consider that these prices are guidelines only and may vary for each individual case, depending on the exact procedure needed, the type of anesthesia and the length of the hospital stay.


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