Breast Reduction

Why a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction is performed to reduce the size of the breasts. The procedure lifts the breasts at the same time, repositioning the nipples and improving the shape.

How it is done

The most used set of skin incisions for the breast reduction is the so-called ‘inverted-T”, which is a combination of periareolar (around the areola), vertical (between the areola and the submammary crease) and horizontal (inside the submammary crease) scars. There are several techniques for achieving the reduction, and breast tissue can be removed from the upper or the lower part of the breasts. Every surgeon has personal preferences for the specific technique to be used, and this should be discussed during the consultation. The procedure is normally performed under general anaesthesia with an overnight stay at the hospital.

Healing period

After the procedure simple dressings will be applied to the sutured wounds (dissolvable stitches are normally used for the sutures). There are no drains and a sport bra can be used for improved comfort during the first 3-4 weeks. The breasts will be swollen for few weeks, and will require some time (8-9 weeks or longer) to reach the final shape, depending on the technique that has been used. Nipples may become more or less sensitive, sometimes numbness may be long lasting.

Duration of the result

The reduction in size is stable over long periods of time, but the result may change over time because of aging,  changes in body weight, pregnancies and other physiological or pathological events.

Cost of breast reduction

The cost of breast reduction starts from 9,000 KYD. As all the cosmetic surgery procedures are highly personalized, please consider that these prices are guidelines only and may vary for each individual case, depending on the exact procedure needed, the type of anesthesia and the length of the hospital stay.

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