Why an Abdominoplasty?

The abdominoplasty, or ‘tummy tuck’, removes the skin excess from the abdomen and tightens the relaxed muscles, to create a more youthful look. As a secondary effect, the abdominoplasty also removes any stretch marks positioned in the lower part of the abdomen (below the navel). The abdominoplasty can be combined with a liposuction to improve the result at the level of the flanks. The abdominoplasty is NOT a procedure for achieving weight loss, and will NOT create a flat abdomen in overweight patients.

How it is done

Through a transverse, horizontal skin incision above the pubis, much similar to a longer version of a C-section scar, the abdominal skin is lifted and the excess is resected from the lower abdomen. During this process another incision is performed around the belly button, to preserve its position on the abdomen. The muscles are tightened and re-approximated on the midline. The procedure is most commonly performed under general anaesthesia with one night at the hospital.

Healing period

A dressing is applied over the abdomen at the end of the procedure, covered by an elastic abdominal binder. The dressing is removed after one week, while the binder will need to be used for the first month. Drains are generally left in place for the first night after the operation. pain can be significant during the first week, and it may be difficult to stand up and walk for the first few days. Swelling and sense of tension for 2-3 weeks. Return to normal work activities within two weeks.

Duration of the result

The duration of the result will vary depending on the personal lifestyle of the patient. Pregnancies after a tummy tuck are possible, but they will compromise the result obtained with the procedure. Changes in body weight will also create new skin excess.

Cost of the abdominoplasty

The cost of the abdominoplasty starts from 9,000 KYD for a full abdominoplasty and from 5,000 KYD for a mini abdominoplasty. As all the cosmetic surgery procedures are highly personalized, please consider that these prices are guidelines only and may vary for each individual case, depending on the exact procedure needed, the type of anesthesia and the length of the hospital stay.


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